In the space of time between waking and sleeping, if you look with
eyes full of innocence you can see The Mist Weavers Realm. This
land has mystical creatures of the forest, water and land. The origin
of the Realm has been under scrutiny for centuries. No one quite
knows when or how it came to be.
There is no evidence that any true human has ever set foot in the
Realm. The Realm is protected by a thick veil of mist that encases
many charm and spells to protect it's inhabitants. Legend has it that
children and the pure of heart are the only ones who can truly see it
for the beautiful land that it is.
It has been said that The Mist Weavers Realm exists in eternal
twilight. There is always a full moon and the scent of fresh rain in
the air. The Realm has all parts of the world just as we do. There
are mountains of the greatest height, and fields of lush greenery
with never ending blooms of flowers as far as the eye can see. The
beaches of the Realm are of the softest sand and clearest waters.
In the colder parts of the Realm there are snowdrifts as pure as the
most innocent of thoughts.
If you have a pure heart  you may enter the Realm with innocent
eyes to enjoy the beauty of its creatures. I the Mist Weaver
welcome you to the first showing of the Realm in which all things of
beauty, magic and mischief  dwell.
Story by
Jessica Richard
All sculptures are OOAK ( original one of a kind) figurative
sculptures,Sculpted from polymer clay or Aves Apoxie,
over wire armatures. Made without the use of Molds.
Figures are between 3 inches and 12 inches.       Please
look for me on ebay.
Original one of a kind
figurative sculpture
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